Bellmaster Carillons          

Standard Technical Specifcations

The specifcations below exemplify Bell Industries' commitment to manufacture today's best value carillon, The Bellmaster. 


Cabinet Size                                      15"W x 14"D x 10"H

Cabinet / Finish                                  Steel: Grey Epoxy-Glass Suede

Power Requirements                           120 Volt / 60 Hz

Standby Power Consumption               12 Watts

Digital Clock                                       Crystal Controlled

Clock Display                                      Bright LED

Clock Programming                             70 Programs / 7 Days Week

Battery Backup                                   14 Day Clock / Program Memory

Power / Lightning Surge Suppression   150 Joule Rated

Amplifier Power                                   210 Watts RMS into 4 Ohm

Frequency Response                          20 Hz to 20,000 Hz

Total Harmonic Distortion                     0.01%

Signal to Noise Ratio                           98 db

Bell Sampling Rate                              44,100 Cycles per Second: 16 Bit Resolution

Bell Sampling Memory                         Permanent Solid State Memory: ROM

Bell Music Voices                                C2 thru C8: 32 Note Polyphony: English Bell

Bell Music Voices                                C2 thru C8: 32 Note Polyphony: Harpbell

Bell Music Voices                                C2 thru C8: 32 Note Polyphony: Cast Bell

Music Storage                                     200 Hymns per Disc Maximum

Swinging and Pealing Bell Weights              1000 lb., 2000 lb., 3000 lb., 6000 lb.

Tolling Bell Weights                             3200 lb., 6000 lb.

Angelus Bell Weights                          1850 lb., 6000 lb.

Westminster Time Strikes                    1/4 hour, 1/2 hour, 3/4 hour and hour

Westminster Time Bell Weights            580 lb., 840 lb., 1200 lb., 2800 lb., 4800 lb.

MIDI Interface (Optional)                     49 Note MIDI Keyboard

Auxiliary Input (Optional)                     Tape, CD Player and Microphone

Remote Control (Optional)                           4 Function - 300 ft. range

Monitor Speaker                                 Built In

System Power Switch                                 Front Panel

Manual Play Switch                             Bell Rings, Music and Time Strike

Monitor Rocker Switch                         Speaker Hi / Low Volume and Off

Amplifier Indicator Light                       All Manual and Pre-set Programs

Volume Control                                   Inside, Outside and Monitor Speakers

Fuse                                                  Accessible from Rear


        Specifications subject to change without notice.





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