Prices and Options for Bell Carillon Systems

Prices subject to change without notice


Complete Carillon System with Speakers:


        Bellmaster 1000                                $5495.00


        Bellmaster 2000                                $6495.00


        See the Specifications Page for the bell voices included with each model


Standard Options:

        Keyboard and MIDI Interface                          $650.00

        This interface allows any MIDI compatible keyboard to play the carillon's bell music voices.


        Wireless Remote Control                                        $475.00

        300 ft. range.  Allows music or bell rings to be played remotely


        Optional Amplifiers -

                250 Watt RMS                                                $655.00

                500 Watt RMS                                                $1442.00

                1000 Watt RMS                                                $2484.00


        Atomic Clock Receiver                                        $250.00

        Super -accurate , worry free, automatic time setting


Digital Music:

        Standard Catalog Selections                         $45.00 per disc - up to 200 hymns

        Custom Recording                                                $14.95 per hymn/song



CUSTOM OPTIONS and SYSTEMS:  Contact us for availability and Pricing!





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