Bell Industries

Electronic Carillons, Bells and Chimes for Churches and Other Institutions


Fully Automated Digital Carillon
Simple to program and schedule
Play any mp3, wav or music file
Daylight Saving Time capable
Multiple Audio inputs available.

Bell Industries

The Bellmaster 3000 carillon is among the finest sounding digital carillons available.  It is easy to install, simple to use, and requires minimum maintenance. The Bellmaster 3000 comes from a proud tradition that has made Bell Industries the world-wide symbol of quality in carillon equipment.

All Bell Industries systems are designed as a substitution for genuine cast bronze bell carillons, at a much lower cost.  The Bell Industries Carillons provide the magnificent voices of genuine swinging and ringing cast bronze bells, as well as various other carillon instruments. 

A digital music library, available for use of Bell Industries Customers, consists of many combination and weights of bell rings, peals and tolls; collected and recorded over a period of more 85 years.

This Bell Industries carillon is a solid-state, self-contained, high fidelity digitally controlled playing system, with automatic programming capability. Each unit is custom engineered to fulfill the customer’s specific bell ringing requirements.

Outstanding features of the Bell Industries Digital Carillons include a 7 day, 24 hour, 1 minute interval program clock providing changes in the scheduled bell ringing to suit the customer’s specific needs.  Digital electronic circuitry and battery backup prevents off schedule rings due to a power interruption. Highest broadcast quality is used to playback in all Bell Industries carillons.  A fully solid-state, high fidelity amplifier specially designed for quality bell tone reproduction uses the latest state-of-the-art circuits and components.

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